Gender Male
Race Demon (takes human form)
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon Hand-to-hand
Status Deceased
Voiced by Fred Tatasciore

“Madame Conchita... he’s got a new arm!” ~ Bruce


Bruce is a large, beefy man wearing a wrestler's outfit and mask along with spiked balls on his hands, which he uses as weapons.

He isn't very smart, replying to Gene's sarcastic comebacks very poorly and altogether slowing the group down.


Bruce, although the slowest of the three, Bruce is the manpower of the gang. Very loyal to Conchita and the partner of Felix, he will very quickly start a fight in her favor. He is partly responsible for setting up the events of God Hand, as he and Bruce had gone on a walkabout attacking strangers while searching for the Godhand for Conchita. When they begin bullying Olivia, Gene takes notice and tries to stop them, but Bruce and Felix overpower him and Gene loses his right arm to the pair.

He returns months later with the other two, terrorizing a town once again on their search. When Gene shows up, he realizes that Gene has a new right arm (although he is the last of the three to realize it must be the Godhand), and attacks, but is beaten down.

He follows the other two and run into Gene again later, adamantly demanding he give up his God Hand. When he refuses, they attack, and Bruce is taken down along with his friends.

They leave with the intention of finding Gene and attacking him again, but run into Azel, and upon realizing he has the other Godhand, they attack, and Bruce is killed when Azel instantly vaporizes all three.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Bruce will utilize a more up-close fighting style, coming at the player with arms out and fists swinging. Caution should be taken around his mace-style gloves, but other than that he isn't too hard to take down. He does not have any notable abilities.


Bruce can be mistaken for a human working for the demons, as many are. However, when Azel kills him, he explodes in the same way demons do, revealing his identity as such.