Dr. Ion
Gender Male (?)
Race Robot/Cyborg
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon Varied
Status Deceased
Voiced by N/A
"Die! Die!" ~ Dr. Ion's pet raven.

Dr. Ion is a small antagonist battled partway through the story of God Hand.


Dr. Ion is a robot leader encountered in the game. He is in league with the demon race and works alongside the Four Devas, and appears to be important enough to potentially replace one of its members (specifically, Elvis) should they show incompetence. It would seem he is a master engineer and possibly a genius, as much of the robots and robot forces encountered in the game seem to be under his command. Not only that, but much of the technology and weaponry bonded to him looks to be self-made and self-installed.

When first encountered, he has metallic armor-like skin, and is quite tall and hulking, about the same height as Elvis. The colors he wears are primarily blue and gray. Aside from his armor, his head is taken up mostly by a large dome with two spikes on it that conduct electricity, as seen when he is found "charging" in an electric chair. Grafted just below each of his wrists are pegged cylinders that seem to function as secondary armor or as power discharges. His eyes glow a bright blue-white, and lastly, his pet cyborg-raven can be found perched on his shoulder. The only words Dr. Ion ever speaks come from the raven itself, making his intentions of killing Gene clear.

The second time he is encountered, Dr. Ion has added more red to his frame, as well as attached an enormous alkaline battery to his back for reserve power. His left arm has been replaced with a large claw, and his shoulders now feature armor similar to a sawblade or a bear claw wheel. His robotic raven has been sacrificed, now adorning his new helmet with wings spread.

Dr. Ion, at least for the second time he is encountered, does seem to have something of a personality, but it is not very evident and he does not ever seem to speak.


Belze, frustrated with Elvis's and Shannon's failures to kill Gene, instead turns to the robot scientist, Dr. Ion. The efforts Dr. Ion puts into capturing or slowing down Gene are clear by the massive multilegged robot (somewhat similar to the final boss of Jak 3) he crosses the desert with, as well as the horde of robots all over it. Gene is alerted to this huge vehicle by Olivia, and promptly storms it, fighting his way to its heart to find Dr. Ion himself, attached to an electric chair with a large metal apparatus running electricity through him. Dr. Ion stands and confronts Gene, and begins a fight.

It doesn't go well, with Dr. Ion losing and falling flat on the ground, crawling back towards his charged throne. Gene takes little sympathy to this, grabbing a nearby sparking cable and ramming it against the robot's backside, forcing a lethal amount of electricity through him and short-circuiting him.

Dr. Ion returns in another desert, however, and this time serves as an optional miniboss. There is no effect on the plot for defeating him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dr. Ion has a number of abilities and all of the features expected of a robot boss. He has many ranged attacks and can keep and close distance between himself and the player surprisingly fast, on par with the demon bosses in the game. His normal fists can be shot at the player like rockets, and at close range, he will attempt a bash that will electrocute the player. He is very acceptable to damage and can be destroyed entirely quite easily, which will result in him reforming himself, usually with a new weapon.

He has many interchangeable arms, which he will swap out during the fight should his current ones not be working too well. In his first fight, he will have access to a large drill arm and a heat-seaking missile launcher, both of which occupy his right arm. In his second fight, he will have access to the drill arm, the missile launcher (from which all four rockets will be shot before switching), and a large claw.


His theme is Battery Size AA, and later, Battery Size D.