Gorilla Mask
Gender Male
Race Human
Main Weapon Hand-to-hand
Voiced by

“Oog Oog Oog!!” ~ Gorilla Mask


Gorilla mask is a demon, who dresses as a gorilla, dressed as a wrestler. He appears to have black fur, with a white luchador helmet, and red pads. In his second appearance, he has Dressed in a tiger-themed outfit, including a cape. A rather large zipper can be seen on his back, revealing his costume. A large wrestler's championship belt, featuring a cut of meat logo on the buckle, completes his ensemble.


Not much is known about his personality, though it is clear that he dislikes being called human, and having the crowd boo him after a cheap shot.


First appearing in "The Masked Man's Riddle", Gorilla Mask is seen sitting at a bus stop, reading a newspaper. As he gets up, he casually sets it aside, at which point Gene asks him "You're not a human, are you!" After realising that Gene is addressing him, Mask shakes his head and waves his hands in a "Nonononono" fashion.

Mask returns in "All Hail the Returning Champ", dramatically posing on a pillar before leaping down to confront Gene once more.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gorilla Mask possesses above average strength, as even Gene cannot break out of his grapples. However, his stamina seems lacking, as if forced to chase the God Hand, he will swiftly run out of breath. He is also able to swiftly slam Gene to the ground, before going for an elbow drop, capable of inflicting SERIOUS damage, unless Gene is able to roll aside in time. FInally, when his health is low, he will summon a midget to bring him a banana for health. Gene can quickly defeat the midget to deny Mask his snack, or just attack the Gorilla-wannabe while he's waiting.

In his second appearance, Mask will sometimes grab a crowbar from out of nowhere and brain Gene with it. If this connects, the crowd will BOO Mask, as he swiftly feigns ignorance.


If checked after the fight, Gene will remark on Gorilla's obvious zipper.

After the second fight, Gene will admit that some of Gorilla's moves were kinda cool.

Gorilla Mask's theme is titled "Top of the Humans"