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“Hey! Sweeeetie! You aren't going any where until you ask our quiz questioooon!” ~ Mr. Silver

"He's such a sexy man! Just my type" ~ Mr. Gold.

Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver
Silver and Gold.jpg
HP 580
Rank Sub-Boss
Moveset Type Henchmen
Stages Stage 1-4: Secret Warehouse Carnival, Fighting Ring (6th Challenge)
Pummels Pummel
Battle Theme Peek-a-Boo (1st Phase), Sweet Nightmare (2nd Phase)
Voiced by Wally Wingert

Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver (金さん & 銀さん Kin-san & Gin-san) are two minor antagonists in God Hand.

Two stereotypically homosexual men, they work under Elvis as hostile leaders of a dance group. They are the first boss encounter in the game.


Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver are a pair of identical dark-skinned muscular men, who have platinum blonde hair cut short, and have large handlebar mustaches, other than their clothing, they are completely identical, except for the tattoos on their back, Mr. Silver having a Q and Mr. Gold having an A.

The duo's identical appearances extend to their clothing, as mentioned before, which is composed out of various bits and pieces of clothing that leaves little to the imagination, consisting of small vests, trunks, long studded gloves, arm & leg braces composed out of their namesake metals, as well as feathers with red (for Mr. Gold) and blue (Mr. Silver) tips.


They are a pair of effeminate, festive, and flirtatious men, as they like to hit on any other man they find attractive, such as Gene who responded "I'm not that kind of guy!" to Mr. Gold flirting with him.

They also enjoy throwing dance parties and holding impromptu Quizzes, as evidenced by the tattoos on their backs, which indicates their roles they take in their Quiz games, as Mr. Silver asks questions and Mr. Gold answers them.


Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver play very little role in the story, as they aren't encountered again after being fought, except for the Fighting Ring, and they merely serve as what would seem to be Elvis's very distracted lookouts, as they are fought a short while before reaching Elvis's Mansion, while they are in the middle of having a dance party.


In their appearance in Stage 1, they will not directly fight Gene at first, and instead send two of their backup dancers out in waves, with first being a pair of Small Fries, then a pair of Bandannas, and then a pair of Small Fry Fatties, also, on Lv. 3 and above, a pair of Small Fry Leaders will jump through the windows to fight you as well before you can actually fight them.

After you defeat the enemies preceding them, Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver will finallly fight Gene himself, repeating the theme of having to fight pairs of enemies by teaming up on Gene.

Powers & Abilities[]

Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver practice a strange fighting style revolving that often involves preforming tag-team attacks, as well as some grappling.

They are shown to be very strong & physically fit, fitting of their muscular builds, as Mr. Silver can easily toss Gene into the air for Mr. Gold to jump up and attack him, and they are also capable of grabbing one another and using a Giant Swing to toss the other like a projectile, despite their presumably high body weight from their incredible musculature.



  • Backhop: Either of the two will hop away from Gene to establish distance or to avoid attacks from him.
  • Cartwheel: Either of the two will cartwheel to the side to attack Gene from another angle.

Basic Moves[]

  • Jab: Either of the two will pull their hand back before throwing a jab.
  • Uppercut: Either of the two will throw a swinging uppercut.
  • Spinning Backfist: Either of them will twirl around and hit Gene with the back of a closed fist.
  • Heavy Kick: Either of the two will do an upwards-aiming kick.
  • Double Snap Kick: Either of them runs towards Gene and preforms two kicks while hopping.

Special Moves[]


  • Dive Kick: Either of them leaps into the air and then preforms a diving kick, they like to use this move a lot and will sometimes even use it one after another.
  • Whip it!: Either of them will do three slaps in a row, the first two being with the palm, and the last being with the back of a hand.
  • Hip Rush: Either of them will attempt to hip check Gene. This move will knock Gene off his feet if it hits.
  • Ball Buster (キンテキ Kinteki): Either of them preforms a crouching punch towards Gene's groin.

Mr. Silver[]

  • Super Judo Toss: Mr. Silver grabs Gene and violently throws him into the air. If Mr. Gold is active this move transforms into the Volleyball Attaack.
  • Nil Combo: Mr. Silver throws a flurry of punches, which hits three times, then does a Roundhouse Kick.

Mr. Gold[]

  • Knee Kick (ヒザゲリ Hizageri): Mr. Gold lunges at Gene, grabbing him and holding him in place while he bashes him four times with his knee.

Combo Moves[]

  • Volleyball Attack (バレーボールアタック Barēbōruatakku): Mr. Silver will judo toss Gene into the air, and Mr. Gold jumps into the air to slam Gene into the ground like a volleyball. Mr. Silver can still preform the judo toss part of this attack if.
  • Venus Combination Kick: Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver jump into the air simultaneously and preform a dive kick at the exact same time.
  • Springboard Kick: Either of the duo will jump off the other and preform a diving kick.
  • Giant Swing (ジャイアント スイング Jaianto Suingu): The duo runs away from Gene to gain distance, and then either of the pair grabs the other and starts swinging him around before tossing him at high speeds at Gene as a projectile.




  • "He's such a sexy man! Just my type!" ~ Mr. Gold, regarding Gene.
  • "Question time Sweetcheeks, what's the name of our boss!" ~ Mr. Silver, asking Gene a question.
  • "Elvis! E-L-V-I-S!" ~ Mr. Gold, answering Gene's question.
  • "Unfortunately, time's up baby..." ~ Mr. Silver, threatening Gene.
  • "Awwwww..." Mr. Gold, sarcastically(?) displaying dismay.


  • "Let's goooooooo!" ~ Both. (When the first 3-4 waves of their henchmen are defeated.)
  • "Aren't you a big stud?" ~ Either (Battle Cry 1)
  • "Oh you're giving me goosebumps!" ~ Either (Battle Cry 2)
  • "Wanna go brokeback cowboy?" ~ Either (Taunt 1)
  • "Woo! That's a smokin' ass baby!" ~ Either (Taunt 2)
  • "Whip it!" ~ Either (Attacking 1)
  • "Whip it good!" ~ Either (Attacking 2)
  • "Here I coooome!" ~ Either (Attacking 3)
  • "That's nice!" ~ Either (Taunted)

Tips and Strategies[]

  • Mr. Silver seems to be the more dangerous of the pair, as he will toss Gene so that Mr. Gold can hit him in mid-air, and is also immune to the Ball Buster, because of this, it is recommended to go after him first.
  • If possible, you should attempt to separate them from one another with launcher moves.
  • Because of the two-on-one nature of their boss fight, be sure to pay attention to the sounds that Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver make as they preform their attacks, as you might find that one of them will end up off-screen and you will see that you can't predict what attack the other will use.
  • You can instantly kill the duo when one swings the other around when preforming the Giant Swing with the Home Run God.
  • A Shaolin Blast has the capability to instantly kill both of them at the beginning of the fight.



  • The game has them send out two opponents at the same time before stepping in the ring in order to get the player used to the concept of fighting two enemies simultaneously at once.
  • Their line of "Wanna go brokeback cowboy?" is a reference to the title of "Brokeback Mountain" a 1997 short story and 2005 film that is simultaneously well known and infamous for depicting a gay relationship between two men.
  • They are a reference to the Japanese stereotype of gay men being hulking & brawny, and often possessing a noticable amount of facial and/or body hair, yet also being effeminate at the same time.
  • Their tendency to shout "Whip it!" and "Whip it good!" is likely to be a reference to the song by Devo of the same name of the first phrase.
  • The costume that they wear can be purchased under the name "Carnival" after beating the game once. Gene's version of the costume is leopard-printed instead of being any other color and has black feathers, it also has the addition of a fishnet shirt that has midriff on it. Amusingly, he will still comment on where they buy those costumes.
  • Mr. Gold will drop a banana after the fight. Mr. Silver will almost always drop a pair of cherries (referring to Gene's comment of him having lost his balls) or rarely a silver coin after the fight.
  • They might be a reference to the Golgo 13 characters Gold & Silver, who are pair of assassins who dress up in outfits that have their namesake colors.
  • Their voice actor, Wally Wingert, is best known for his roles as the character Almighty Tallest Red from Invader Zim, Cubot from Sonic The Hedgehog, as well as voicing the titular protagonist of Maximo in the Maximo series, another CAPCOM game developed for the PS2.
  • Their nature as a pair of identical heavily muscular men who have tanned skin, and a comically homoerotic relationship between eachother might be a reference to Adon & Samson from Cho Aniki.


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